Lobster bisque龙虾浓汤的作法

 第四个结婚纪念日我们决定两个人一起在家做饭庆祝!(因为我们有一个美丽舒适的新厨房啦! )几天前就开始一起想菜单,当天我出去采购。老公执掌前菜和主菜,我负责第二道菜和饭后甜点(三道菜后两人都觉得太撑,结果甜点放在第二天做 )。好了,废话少说,开始介绍这道我在网络上找到的龙虾浓汤的recipe。原先的 recipe用的是美国的计量单位,我就酌情调节。

16-01-2016 From QQ

2 lobster tails (10 oz. each), split in half     原先的 recipe说的是用两条龙虾,不带头,各283克左右,我用的是连头活龙虾(比较有味),八百多克。
4 cups water     1公升水
1 Tablespoon sea or kosher salt     一小搓海盐 (因为我用的鸡肉高汤里有颇高的盐分)
2 Tablespoons olive oil        2汤勺橄榄油
2 cups dry white wine     500毫升白葡萄酒
3 cups chicken stock    750毫升鸡肉高汤
1/4 cup unsalted butter plus 1 Tablespoon    70克黄油
1 cup fennel, chopped    100克茴香,切小块
1/2 cup shallot, chopped    2个小洋葱,切小块
1 cup fresh tomato, peeled, seeded, diced    一个西红柿,去皮,去籽,切小块(我用的是超市买的peeled tomato)
2 Tablespoons brandy    2汤勺白兰地(我家没有,略去 )
2 Tablespoons raw white rice    2汤勺白米
1 Tablespoon tomato paste    一汤勺西红柿酱
1 teaspoon paprika    一茶勺西班牙辣椒粉
1/8 teaspoon cayenne    一点点cayenne辣椒
1 bay leaf    一片香叶
1 thyme sprig    一小枝麝香草
1/2 cup heavy cream    120毫升高脂奶油
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice    一茶勺鲜柠檬汁
1. Split the tails in half with a sharp knife starting at the fan and slice the knife down and through the meat.    把龙虾从尾部切两半。
2. Devein the split tail. Look for the vein along the edge of the shell, between the shell and the meat.    把中间黑色的脉挑出来。
3. Steam the lobster tails, shell-side down (the shell protects the meat from the intense heat of the steam) in 4 cups salted (sea or kosher) water for 5-7 minutes. Using a regular steaming basket works perfectly. The salted water imparts a minimal but not insignificant taste to the bisque; you will use this water later as a base. 把龙虾肉朝上放锅里,倒入1公升盐水,蒸5到7分钟,这蒸出来的汤水也留着做汤底。
4. When cool enough to handle, remove the tail meat with a fork to pull out the steamed tail meat in one piece. Chill the lobster meat until ready to use.    把肉挑出来备用。
5. Sauté lobster shells in 2 Tablespoons olive oil over medium-high heat for five minutes to release the flavors.    锅里倒上橄榄油,用中高温翻炒龙虾壳到出味。
6. Deglaze the pan (with shells present and scraping bits at the bottom) with 2 cups dry white wine (Chardonnay works well), 3 cups chicken stock and reserved lobster water from the steaming of the tails. Simmer until reduced to 6 cups; about 45 minutes. Then strain the shells from the stock.    倒入白葡萄酒,鸡肉高汤和蒸龙虾的盐水,烧45分钟,直到剩大概1.2公升汁,然后把壳过滤掉。(我高压了40分钟,感觉更能出味)
7. Sauté fennel and shallot in 1/4 cup unsalted butter, about 5 minutes.    把茴香和洋葱用黄油炒到发软,带茶色,千万不能烧焦,实际要花至少15分钟。
8. Stir in strained lobster stock, diced tomato, brandy, raw white rice, tomato paste, paprika, cayenne, bay leaf and thyme sprig; simmer 45 minutes. Remove bay leaf and thyme sprig.    倒入龙虾高汤,西红柿,白米,西红柿酱,西班牙辣椒粉,cayenne辣椒,香叶和麝香草。持续烧开45分钟。把香叶和麝香草取出来。
9. When using the blender, I puree in two batches and return the bisque to the pot.    把龙虾汤用混合器打成润滑的糊浆,再倒回锅里加热。
10. Stir in heavy cream and fresh lemon juice to finish off the bisque.    浇上高脂奶油和柠檬汁。
11. When you are ready to serve the bisque, sauté the lobster meat in 1 Tablespoon unsalted butter over medium-high heat, just until warmed through. Slice tails into the size of your choosing for serving and arrange in bisque. Serve immediately.    浓汤出锅前,把龙虾肉用黄油翻炒加热一下,然后按个人喜好的大小切块,摆盘。我个人最喜欢的是大钳子里的肉,可惜就那么两口就吃掉了!