Today I had THAT salad for lunch as usual. It’s a dish served in the cafeteria at Nigo-kan on the 5th floor. You put as much as you can into a bowl choosing from 5 or 6 kinds of vegetables for 600yen! I was very good at filling it up.  The portion I got today was superb! (I always compliment myself like this. :D)

Yesterday I had Yehongshangu (a kind of red wild mushroom that grows in the mountains) soup in my friend’s place. She put many kinds of ingredients in it! But maybe because the other dish, stir fried Qinggencai (green Chinese cabbage)  was a bit salty, we both felt very thirsty at night. Eventually we went out at 2am and bought Goolish (a Japanese food brand) Matcha (green tea) ice cream from the convenience store. It was so cool! We finished it all while we were watching late night TV shows. I was totally satiated by that.




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