Today I had classes all day long! They started from early morning and by the 5th and 6th period, Professor Kikui’s class, I finally got defeated by the sandman and fell asleep. 😛 I am so tired, getting up early and concentrating for the whole day is not my cup of tea. 😀

But I was so happy that Ayu-chan could hang out with me at lunchtime!! We went to Nigo-kan, the new building which was just finished  this year, to have lunch. There are many options of lunch sets, and the most attractive point is they are all affordable. We got our lunch and found a table by the window. The cafeteria is on the 10th floor, so we can see the green on our sports ground and the nearby  Houses of Parliament. Under the sunlight the grass looked even greener, and the boys and girls were kicking footballs, playing tennis, practicing archery, etc. What lovely weather!

It is a long day! And it hasn’t even finished yet, but I feel so fulfilled! Later, I’m going to a friend, Wang zhufang’ place to have home-made Chinese soup!! I love the soup she makes which is always full of nutrition (I think :D) and has so much flavor. I will stay over too! What could be nicer than having a good meal and lying there chatting with your best friend?




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